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LAUSD teachers confused over changing arts education plans

Roaming music teacher - Linda Mouradian 10

Ken Scarboro/KPCC

Advanced violin students at San Fernando Elementary in Linda Mouradian's music class.

As the school year draws to a close, many teachers, principals, parents and school board members have found themselves stuck in a whirlwind of confusion. The subject: arts access.

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Over the past few months, Los Angeles Unified School District administrators have put out pieces of an expansion plan — a budget outline here, new teacher assignments there — that seem to contradict each other and in some cases seem to reduce arts instruction time for some students, rather than follow the school board's mandate to increase it.

They announced plans to reduce elementary school orchestra classes from a year-long program to one semester — then reversed themselves. Shortly after, schools that had orchestra for years suddenly found out they'd been cut for next year.

KPCC's Mary Plummer reports.

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