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Newly discovered building remains may be linked to old LA Times offices

by Take Two®

The LA Times building before the bombing Los Angeles Public Library Photo Archive

Construction and development towards the expansion of Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles found a possible link to Los Angeles a century ago.

Workers recently uncovered parts of a building structure near the old Los Angeles Times building of the late 19th and early 20th century. The building was destroyed in 1910 after a pro-union militant set a bomb nearby that detonated hours after the planned time. The bomb started a massive fire that took the lives of 21 people and left the Los Angeles Times offices in ruin.

Nathan Masters, a writer with USC Libraries specializing in Los Angeles history, joins us to share his perspective on whether or not the remains are from the old building and what the L.A. Times buildings at 1st and Broadway can tell us about the past. 

You can view more pictures of the old Los Angeles Times building site shot by Hunter Kerhart.

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