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ICE Holds Immigrants At Adelanto Detention Facility
This year, the LAPD has gotten 733 requests for ICE detainers and granted about 300 of them, or some 40 percent, according to Chief Charlie Beck. With the city's new policy, that rate will likely drop further.
Activists Protest Processing Of Undocumented Immigrants In California Town

Community orgs. provide aid to busloads of undocumented immigrants

Protestors have been gathering in the city of Murrieta, southeast of Los Angeles. They're upset with the federal government's diversion of undocumented immigrants for processing there and they appear to have stopped the program for now.
California Prisons Solitary
Today marks one year since 30,000 California state prisoners began a hunger strike to protest the solitary confinement conditions faced by inmates.

The untold story of drug kingpin 'Freeway' Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross was a cocaine kingpin in the '80s and early '90s, whose empire spanned across the U.S. Until it all came crashing down

LAPD Museum houses history of city's dark side

In the trendy northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, on one end of York Boulevard you’ll find record stores, cafes and hipster boutiques. On the other end you’ll find the Los Angeles Police Museum.

Could childhood trauma lead to a misdiagnosis of ADHD?

According to a new study, One in nine — that's 6.4 million — U.S. children currently has a diagnosis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
A blind pianist, a country music legend, the reboot of a Latin label in New York and an Argentinean electro-pop band. It's all about the new music here on Tuesday Reviewsday.
First Retail Marijuana Stores Open In Washington State

Washington State's legal pot shops open for business

Washington State yesterday began issuing licenses to vendors and today they'll be open for business. For more we're joined by Derek Wang, editor at the public radio station KUOW in Seattle.
Advocates for liberalizing marijuana laws in Washington D.C. said Monday that they had collected more than twice the votes needed to get a measure on the November ballot that would decriminalize pot possession.

Grand Canyon development plan causes controversy

Imagine riding a gondola right down to the floor of the Grand Canyon, gliding quickly by caravans of hikers on the backs of mules, taking in all of the beauty that the canyon has to offer.
The eastern Grand Canyon was about half-carved (to the level of the red cliffs above the hiker) from 15 million to 25 million years ago, an analysis published Sunday suggests. But the inner gorge was likely scooped out by the Colorado River in just the pa
A new report finds that "extreme" climate change has arrived at one of America's favorite places to escape to: our national parks.

USC film school teams up with State Dept. for doc festival

For the third year, the U.S. State Department is funding the University of Southern California's American Film Showcase, a $3.3 million program.
Drought Drilling
In the middle of the California drought — one of the worst in recorded history — you'd think that scientists and water policy experts would have full access to all state records that contain information about the state's groundwater supply, a precious resource.
Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audience
Last week, the Vatican formally recognized the International Association of Exorcists. It's a group of 250 Catholic priests who claim to cast out demons from humans.

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