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How effective are 'cash for grass' drought relief programs

by Molly Peterson | Take Two®

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Tom Underhill stands in his front yard filled with California native plants at his home in Long Beach. Six years ago he replaced the lawn and flowers with draught-tolerant native plants. Underhill and his wife inadvertently received a property tax break of $250 for not using their share of municipal water, he said. "I'm sure I have some neighbors that are like 'where is his green lawn,'" he said. Benjamin Brayfield/KPCC

California's top water officials meet tomorrow to consider mandatory limits on outdoor water use in cities.

Even before the drought began, local water agencies had been trying a kinder approach, offering the carrot of homeowners incentives to rip out their lawns. How effective have those efforts been?

KPCC's environment correspondent Molly Peterson tried to find out.

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