Death penalty, Gaza unrest, science harassment, Banda music and more

Rally Protests Scheduled Execution Of Elderly Inmate
Yesterday, a federal judge in Orange County, California ruled that the state's death penalty violates the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
A temporary humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza ended today after only a few hours, and both sides had agreed to hold fire in order to give civilians a chance to buy food and medicines .
An Israeli woman is taking the names of the dead from the unrest on the Gaza Strip, translating them into Hebrew and sharing them online.
Female Scientist in the Field
A new study shines light on what day to day life may be like for female scientists working in the field.

Food hubs create healthy, affordable options for communities

Eating healthy can be tough, not to mention expensive. For many, fatty fast foods are more accessible than a nutritious meal. But communities across the country are trying to change that.

How elder care changes when more nurses are Latino

When the growing number of white seniors need help, more of those nurses taking care of them will be Latino.
lafd los angeles fire department
It's state of affairs, our weekly look at politics throughout the Golden State. Joining us in studio are Southern California Public Radio's political reporters Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.
medical marijuana sign neon pot
On Wednesday, the House voted to keep law enforcement from targeting financial institutions that conduct business with marijuana-related companies, such as growers and dispensaries.
This week, former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega filed a lawsuit against the video game publisher Activision for the use of his likeness in the game "Call of Duty: Black Ops II."
Looking for new ways to motivate yourself? Want to know about the REAL paleo diet? And might you be part werewolf? It's time for our regular science segment Lab Notes.
Banda music is exploding in both Mexico and the US right now and it has to do with a bunch of young artists coming up that are ditching old school rules.

What happens to all those tweets after you die?

Think for a moment about how many emails, digital photos, Facebook or Twitter postings you create in a week, a year...a lifetime?
What was once a dreary landscape of silly sitcoms and cookie cutter cop shows has now become a medium filled with fabulous programs.
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