Downed Malaysian Airlines flight, NASDAQ hack, actor Michael Pitt and more


Obama addresses the nation about downed Malaysian flight

In a White House press conference this morning, President Obama noted that one American was among the 298 killed when Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down.

Angeleno with family in Ukraine reacts to MH17 crash

As events unfold in Ukraine, it is a nervous time for those with family in the region living thousands of miles away here in Southern California.
President Obama Holds News Conference At The White House

Friday Flashback: Obama's Russia sanctions and more

A look back at the week's biggest stories focuses on Obama's role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Hillary's yet-to-be declared presidential bid.
About 100 of the passengers on board Malaysia Flight MH17 were bound for an AIDS summit in Melbourne, Australia that starts this Sunday.
Sara Hanan is separated from the children she reads to by age and race, but she sees hope in the country's future amid those differences.
A newspaper chronicles the ongoing violence in Honduras.

The trouble in Honduras that has children fleeing to the US

One city in Honduras is sending more child immigrants than any other in Central American. Why? An immigrant family talks violence in their homeland.

Examining the roots of the latest Gaza conflict

UC Berkeley's Professor Thomas Hill discusses the historic roots of the latest conflict in Gaza, which began ten days ago and which has killed 260 people.

UC appoints pro-Israel student regent, despite protests

This week the UC Board of Regents voted to confirm its new student representative, UCLA student Avi Oved, despite opposition from fellow students concerned about his connection to pro-Israeli causes.
The Jerusalem Film Festival continues even as sirens wail between screenings.

Water-conscious couple could be fined for brown lawn

A Glendora couple did a number of things to cut back on water, like watering their lawn less. But then they got a letter telling them to water it... or else.
As California looks to use water restrictions and fines to conserve more water during the drought, one city has already adopted a strict water policy with penalties that hurt residents in the pocket.
Good Time Washboard 3

Finally, a song that captures Oakland's charm and quirk

There's no shortage of songs about San Francisco, but what about Oakland? Here's one song that attempts to capture the spirit of the other city by the bay.
For a long time, cyber-security experts assumed that the financial sector in the US was prepared to take on hackers. But, as they found out four years ago, they were wrong.
Fox Searchlight
The new film "I, Origins" from director Mike Cahill is a fascinating film that explores the relationship between science and spirituality.
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