President Obama on Gaza and Israel conflict, drug education today, Shakira's popularity on Facebook and much more

Mideast Israel Palestinians
The regular shelling of Gaza has made it difficult to get medical attention to the wounded, say health workers.

Civilian casualties rise in Gaza, Israel conflict

Today President Obama called for an immediate cease fire as casualties mount after two weeks of conflict in Gaza and Israel.
International Tension Increases Over Access To MH17 Crash Site

MH17: What are investigators looking for?

Today President Obama directly accused Russian-backed separatists of blocking access to the crash site.
California lawmakers are in Central America this week expressing their concern about the influx of child migrants.
When we talk about immigration, what's often lost are the stories of the real people who have come to this country in hopes of a better life: their aspirations, losses, frustrations and joys.
Dr. Charlie Lisky, DVM
Recent national surveys suggest a majority of Americans who bought health insurance for the first time under the Affordable Care Act are happy they did so, but many saw increase in insurance costs.
sand diego comic-con
This week: big films like "the Hobbit," the new "Mad Max" and TV favorites "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead" will be at Comic-Con in San Diego.

How Shakira became the queen of Facebook

The Colombian singer has become the first person to gain more than 100 million fans on Facebook, which is more than any fan page except for Facebook itself.

When pot is legal, what happens to "Just Say No"?

For decades, the message was pretty clear: Pot. Is. Bad. But now that recreational marijuana is legalized and regulated in states like Colorado and Washington, what do drug educators say now?
Chef Blaine Alexandr-Hein's cannabis cooking class
People wanting to better understand the process of making marijuana edibles have tapped a professional chef to teach them how. We have him, and his recipes, online.
brown bat
They are very difficult to track and not a lot is known about the population that flies around Southern California.
Annual Badwater Ultra Marathon Held In Death Valley's Extreme Heat
Nearly 100 runners set off this morning on the run of their lives, racing to cover 135 miles of desert and mountains in two days for the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon.
Esquire's recent piece titled "In Praise of 42 Year Old Women," explained why 42 is still sexy; caused a backlash among many women.
It's not too often that we air an obituary of a pediatrician, but Paul Fleiss was no ordinary doctor.
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