Sterling trial update, religious exemptions and LGBT rights, ride-sharing lobbying, saving the oak trees and more

Tensions Remain High At Israeli Gaza Border
More than 2000 soldiers from around the world are currently serving with the IDF, some of them teenagers from the US. We speak with an American who did just that
A new California law reduces how much a person can be sentenced for a misdemeanor by just one day, but it could have vast implications for thousands of legal immigrants facing deportation.
Farmers Hire Drilling Crew To Search For Water To Irrigate Crops

Sky high water prices pit neighbors in bidding war

Farmers and cities around the state turn to an informal water market where surplus supplies are traded to the highest bidder.
The Smallest Mountain Range in the World
The farmland around Yuba City in Northern California produces almost the entire crop of the country's canned peaches, and two-thirds of its walnuts, almonds, pistachios and plums.
Music supervisor Morgan Rhodes and Oliver Wang from join A Martinez in studio for another episode of Tuesday Reviewsday.
Obama Signs Executive Order Protecting LGBT Employees From Discrimination
The recent Supreme Court victory for Hobby Lobby may make it easier for employers to say that they morally object to protections of LGBT people because of their faith.
For millions of Americans, having a reliable and safe car is incredibly important, but for many, there’s only one way to get a car, by utilizing a practice most often associated with the housing bust.
lyft car ride sharing ridesharing
Ride-sharing services spent just over $539,000 to lobby their case in Sacramento. Meanwhile, those who hope to place more regulations on them spent $6.1 million in the same time period -- more than 11 times as much.

Felling of trees in Thousand Oaks sparks public outry

In Thousand Oaks, California there’s a movement to do something that few thought they would ever have to do – prevent developers from cutting down huge oak trees.
Mercer 973
Student in UC Davis' viticulture and enology program can now taste the wine and beer they make thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown's approval of AB 1989, otherwise known as the sip and spit law.
U.S. Open of Surfing

US Open of Surfing to have more security this year

Visitors can expect to see plenty of surfing, skating and biking, but also more security. That's because officials want to avoid a repeat of the riots that broke out last year.

'Surf Craft': The art of surfboard design

Today, most surfboards are mass-produced fiberglass, but for many years, they were made of rich wood and carefully hand crafted.
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