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Water woes may lead to property tax hikes without voter permission

Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta Water System Bay

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Trucks filled with agricultural products cross a bridge over the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The so-called Bay Delta Conservation Plan has two "co-equal" goals that are at odds -- restoring the ecosystem while protecting water deliveries to Central Valley farms and Southern California’s growing population.

The continuing water woes in California have officials looking for ways to improve the state's water infrastructure.

One idea that's been on the table for years is a pair of underground tunnels to carry water under the delicate Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. But with a $25 billion price tag, it's bound to be a hard sell for California voters.

So water districts around the state are floating the idea of raising property taxes to fund the project without a public vote. To tell us more, Paul Rogers of KQED Science and the San Jose Mercury News joins Take Two.

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