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Study: Blue whales at risk of being struck by ships

Whales Ship Strikes

John Calambokidis/AP

In this photo taken August 14, 2008 and provided by John Calambokidis, a blue whale is shown near a cargo ship in the Santa Barbara Channel off the California coast. The whales have suction-cup attached tags to so their underwater behavior and reaction can be monitored during the close passes near ships.

The blue whale population has remained fairly steady after nearly becoming extinct, but that doesn't mean they're completely out of harm's way

A recent study found that whale hot spots off the coast of California intersect with some of the busiest shipping lanes, causing them to get hit and die. It's something Ladd Irvine, senior faculty research assistant at the Marine Mammal Institute at Oregon State University, has been tracking and he joins Take Two to explain. 


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