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Aaron Freeman sheds his Gene Ween identity with his new LP 'FREEMAN'

by Alex Cohen and Jacob Margolis | Take Two®

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Aaron Freeman's new LP, "FREEMAN."

For many years, musician Aaron Freeman went by the name Gene Ween. Along with a childhood buddy who took on the moniker Dean Ween, he formed the band Ween back in 1984. 

Their songs were catchy and funny and their music really ran the gamut of genres, but two years ago, Aaron Freeman decided to break up the band, citing addiction issues and the fact that he felt like the band had run its course. 

After a couple of stints in rehab, Freeman has been sober for a few years, and has released a new, deeply personal LP called "FREEMAN." Freeman describes his struggles, his relationship with his former bandmate and with his family in an interview with Take Two.

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