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Airstrikes in Iraq, hackers in Vegas and super moons

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President Obama Delivers Statement On Humanitarian Crisis In Iraq

US begins targeted airstrikes in Iraq

In Iraq today, American warplanes hit an artillery battery which was being used by Sunni militant forces to shell the northern town of Erbil.

US airstrikes in Iraq: Who are the Yazidis?

The Yazidis are a small religious sect of about a half million living in Northern Iraq. Many of the Yazidis have been driven from their homes and remain trapped on a mountaintop.
Airstrikes resume in Iraq, women are smarter than men and what do you get the man who has everything?

Sundance comes to you this weekend

Maybe you don't have the time or the connections to head to Park City, Utah, and see Sundance. This weekend, its Next Fest heads to LA.
"Life After Beth" New York Screening - Arrivals
The actor and comedienne appears in "Life After Beth," as a young woman who actually comes back from the dead as a flesh-eating zombie -- thus perhaps giving life to an all-new genre: The zombie rom-com.
Silicon Forest
Mention Siberia, and perhaps this conjures up images of gulags, or endless stretches of snow, but believe it or not, there's other things there.
Hacker Conference

Hackers descend upon Las Vegas for conventions

Venture Beat reporter Richard Byrne Reilly joins Take Two from the Black Hat and Def Con conventions where, once a year, the world's top hackers leave their online chat rooms and actually meet face-to-face.
69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Actor Brendan Gleeson discusses 'Calvary'

Stories of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church have become unfortunately all too common, and the crimes can often go unpunished in the real world. However, one victim of abuse at the hands of a priest decides to take his revenge in the film "Calvary," and reveals his intentions to a priest during confession.
U.S. Open - Day 6

How to turn your garden bounty into delicious recipes

Co-chef and owner of Border Grill, Susan Feniger, joins Take Two to share some delicious summer recipes that will turn your garden surplus into a mouthwatering feast.
Super Moon Lights Up Night Sky

'Super Moon' is back, larger and closer than ever

The year’s biggest moon is set to rise over the weekend.

Reading by Moonlight with David Kipen

Our regular book critic and literary contributor David Kipen joins us once in a full moon for his roundup of bibliocentric events: Reading by Moonlight.

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