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LA 'Cholo' subculture thrives in São Paulo, Brazil

South American Cholo

Phuong-Cac Nguyen

Still from the documentary South American Cholo

While journalist Phuong-Cac Nguyen was living in São Paulo, she happened upon a group of men dressed in classic Los Angeles “cholo” style — Dickies, tattoos, white socks pulled up to their knees.

She wrongly assumed they were Mexican-American tourists visiting from L.A. until they spoke Portuguese to her and led her to discover a thriving Chicano, low-rider culture in Brazil. Her short documentary "South American Cholo" examines this Brazilian subculture, and she joined Take Two on Thursday to talk about it.

South American Cholo Trailer

For more information on attending a screening of the film Thursday night in Los Angeles, click here.

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