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State of Affairs: Gov. Jerry Brown agrees to debate, the Ezell Ford shooting and more

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California Gov. Jerry Brown. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's time for State of Affairs, KPCC's weekly roundup of politics in the Golden State with Southern California Public Radio's Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.

So much for political reform this year: A ballot measure to tighten the reigns on California legislators passed the Senate but failed in the Assembly this week. Maybe that's no surprise — the Senate saw three of its members indicted over the past year. What was the reform? What does its defeat mean for honest government? Would these reforms have made any difference?

Governor Jerry Brown this week agreed to just one debate with his Republican opponent, Neel Kashkari. What's happening with the race for governor? 

In Los Angeles, political and police officials are working to keep the lid on a controversial shooting in South L.A. What's happening behind the scenes in the police shooting of Ezell Ford?

The L.A. City Council may actually do something about the miles of crumbling, buckling and broken sidewalks across Los Angeles. The city will spend $27 million this year to fix sidewalks, but officials must still figure out a way to prioritize other sidewalk repairs. This appears to be a daunting task for City Hall.

In the contest to replace legendary West L.A. Congressman Henry Waxman, the Republican candidate has won a distinction that may hinder him in the relatively liberal district. Elan Carr has been named a "young gun" by the National Republican Congressional Committee. What's a young gun, and how will it play with voters?

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