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Why this image is not a thigh bone on Mars

by A Martínez and Jacob Margolis | Take Two®

This picture was taken by the rover Curiosity during its 719th day on Mars (August 14, 2014). For more photos, visit http://www.midnightplanets.com/web/MSL/image/00719/0719MR0030550060402769E01_DXXX.html NASA / JPL / Malin Space Science Systems

Since the rover Curiosity landed on Mars two years ago, it's taken tons of pictures of the Martian surface, and people have seen all sorts of things in those images that don't really exist.

They include things like faces and aliens. And now you can add a thigh bone to that list, according to the folks over at UFO Blogger.

Check out the images above, provided to us by our guest Emily Lakdawalla, senior editor at The Planetary Society.

She joined A Martinez in studio to talk about what the rocks really are, where Curiosity is headed on Mars and why people see all sorts of things in the Martian landscape that aren't really there.

To hear the interview, click on "Listen Now" above.

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