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Hostage rescues, racial disparity in Ferguson, Alfred Molina and more

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President Obama Makes Statement On Journalist Executed In Iraq

Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria attract foreign recruits

Host A Martinez talks with the RAND Corporation's Colin Clarke about the foreign fighters joining the ranks of the jihadist group calling itself the Islamic State.
Syria Journalist

How the government carries out hostage rescue missions

The Pentagon acknowledged that U.S. ground troops had attempted to rescue several American hostages, including James Foley, earlier this summer in Syria.
Protesters walk on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Mo., on Tuesday. Protests have been going on for more than a week after the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The racial disparity in Ferguson

Following the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, much has been made about racial disparity in the United States.
Protesters walk in front of a line of police as authorities try to disperse a demonstration in Ferguson, Mo. early Wednesday. The St. Louis suburb saw less violence than recent nights of protests.
A St. Louis-area hip-hop station has broken format to become a place for people to voice their opinions about the protests in Ferguson.
Todd Miller

Bill could improve Californians' access to health providers

Recent studies show the number of uninsured people in the state has reduced by half, but that doesn't mean consumers will have timely access to doctors.
The One I Love
Mark Duplass' character in "The One I Love" is very multi-faceted. And the unique "Twilight Zone-esque" film is worth seeing.
Green Hornet "Black Beauty" (1966 Imperial) at Peterson Automotive Museum

The Wheel Thing, KPCC's new segment on everything auto

Recently the Petersen Automotive Museum released plans for a dramatic new reboot. L.A. Register auto critic Susan Carpenter is here to give Take Two the big scoop.

Alfred Molina and director Ira Sachs on 'Love Is Strange'

Actor Alfred Molina and writer-director explain how their new film, "Love Is Strange," tells the story of how an older gay couple's love endures many challenges.
Some local water agencies have tweaked the rates they charge to encourage customers to save water. Not every customer is happy about it, however
The city of Montague relies heavily on Lake Shastina, down 90 percent from normal this summer

Drought-stricken town struggles to keep the water flowing

As the drought continues, a growing number of cities and towns are taking increasingly dramatic steps to keep the taps flowing.
Governor Brown Declares Statewide Drought Emergency
It's time for State of Affairs, our weekly roundup of politics in the Golden State with Southern California Public Radio's Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.
Mars Bone

Why this image is not a thigh bone on Mars

Since the rover Curiosity landed on Mars two years ago, it's taken tons of pictures of the Martian surface, and people have seen all sorts of things that don't exist.

The Getty brings street art to El Segundo

What do LA's top graffiti artists have in common with a rare, 17th-century text found in the Getty's rare book collection? As it turns out, plenty.

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