Napa earthquake, Michael Brown's lawyer, Emmy Awards 2014 and more

6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California

Napa recovers after the earthquake

This weekend residents of Northern California were awakened by a dramatic 6.0 earthquake.
6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California

Predicting earthquakes

There was a little bit of good news that came out of yesterday's earthquake.
Benjamin Crump, who represented Trayvon Martin's family, has had a history of taking cases with civil rights implications.
Police arrest a demonstrator protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

UC researchers study why protests turn violent

Nick Adams, a sociologist at UC Berkeley, talks about his research into clashes between police and protestors during the Occupy movement.
2014 NFL Draft

NFL players are involved in high-stakes fantasy leagues

Some NFL players are involved in fantasy leagues with big pots of money at stake. And it's perfectly legal.

Female Muslim basketball player fights ban on headscarves

This week, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) will vote on whether to change its ban on Islamic headscarves. Players like Indira Kaljo, who wear headscarves for religious reasons, say the ban is discriminatory.
Judge A. Ashley Tabaddor
An Iranian-American immigration judge in Los Angeles is suing the US Department of Justice. She was barred from hearing cases involving Iranian nationals
The Last Grenade
What's the latest in Hollywood? We can answer that, because each week Rebecca Keegan - from the Los Angeles Times - joins us for "On The Lot" - our regular discussion of entertainment.
jail prison cell bars

California prisons and mentally ill inmates

Earlier this month the California Department of Corrections introduced new policies related to mentally ill prisoners. The reforms were in response to a well publicized order from a federal judge who said that use of force and solitary confinement of mentally ill inmates was unconstitutional.

State lawmakers have until the end of week to tackle bills

Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler brings us up to date on some of the biggest bills in California, like the plastic bags and ride-sharing companies.

American rice farmers look to China as the next big market

China has been looking to other countries to bolster its supply and American rice farmers are keen to take advantage of the opportunity, but some regulatory hurdles stand in the way.
hemp plant marijuana weed
This week, a lawsuit over bans on marijuana businesses in Washington heads to Superior Court in Pierce County, just south of Seattle.
Premiere Of HBO's "Silicon Valley" - Arrivals
HBO's new series "Silicon Valley" garnered five Emmy nominations, including one for Best Comedy series. Martin Starr - who's in the show - joins A Martinez to talk about his career.
La Santa Cecilia

An only-in LA multicultural musical mashup

The Latin alternative band La Santa Cecilia blend their sound with Yuval Ron’s Israeli ensemble for a collaborative performance at the Voices of LA festival.
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