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Thor is now a woman with 'big huge boobs'

by Take Two

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The new female Thor, drawn by Esad Ribic and new series artist Russell Dauterman. Marvel Comics

If you're a comic book fan, you'll notice something a little different about the Marvel character Thor on news stands Wednesday. 

He is now a she.

We're used to seeing Thor as a man, thanks to Chris Hemsworth in the Hollywood treatment of the character.

But now that the hammer-wielding Viking god has two X chromosomes, will this encourage more women to pick up comic books?

Melody Severns, president of Girls Drawin Girls, says it's a disappointment that a popular male character was getting a reboot rather than developing an original female character who can build her own fan base.

"Imagine Thor, but put a big set of boobs on Thor," she says. "Big huge boobs."

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