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Yelpers give Los Angeles 4 stars: How would you rate LA?

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Los Angeles may be filled with stars, but it only gets four of them online.

Yes, amid the restaurants, stores, and dog walkers, whole cities are being reviewed on Yelp, too.

Now, New York still beats LA with its 4.5 star rating. But Los Angeles still has a lot going for it, according to Yelpers.

  • "I always feel like I'm on vacation here," says Jolene in her glowing review. "Endless entertainment. Jumbo's Clown Room, outdoor movies galore, music, shopping, Jumbo's Clown Room...oh wait, I already said that."
  • "I get to rate the city? It ain't bad, but the traffic and the air quality kills what should be the ideal place to live," posted Andrew in his 4-star write-up. "If they ever manage to fix their horrible public transit, I might just move back."
  • In her one star review, Soo writes, "I think K-town is a perfect example of a larger problem. (And yes, I am Korean). There are so many individuals of any given ethnicity that people self-segregate. I think it defeats the purpose of living somewhere so diverse if you only hang out with people who look/act like you in the end anyway."
  • Joe gives the city just two stars, saying, "Santa Monica is the area's only redeeming quality. But good Lord if it isn't a hassle to get to. The 10? No thanks. Santa Monica Blvd? Pass.
  • Dan says, "LA deserves 5 stars! The haters can leave now. Our freeways could use the extra space. :)"

KPCC asked listeners on facebook how they would rate Los Angeles:


How would you rate the city, and why?

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