Will Sriracha reign in 2015? A look ahead at the year's food trends

Crunchy kale, spicy Sriracha and cold craft beers remained foodie favorites in 2014. But what culinary trends will have us standing in line for hours a la Cronut in the year to come?

J.M. Hirsch is Food Editor at the Associated Press and he joins Take Two. Here are some of his predictions for 2015:

Expect to see more pop up restaurants

Pop ups give big name chefs a platform to take bigger culinary risks without the cost of finding, opening, marketing and staffing a new restaurant.

New ways to make reservations

In places like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, apps have sprung up that allow people to bid for reservations. You may soon need a ticket to get a table at some of the most popular restaurants. 

Using culinary science in our homes

Incorporating science in cookery isn't just for avant garde chefs anymore.

Eating our vegetables

2015 will continue to see more and more veggies being used in place of meat and a number of veg-centric cook books. 

Saying goodbye to Sriracha?

The new holy grail of spicy condiments could be gochujang, a fermented Korean hot sauce that was on the fringes in 2014, but is set to go big in 2015.


What will you be eating throughout 2015? What are some trends you think are highly overated and need to stay in the past? Share your food trend thoughts on Take Two's Facebook page.