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California's drought -- from a farming perspective

by Take Two®

Peaches from Masumoto Farm based in Del Rey, just outside of Fresno. The farm has fallowed fields and is experimenting with more sustainable methods of growing crops in response to California's drought. Photo courtesy of Nikiko Masumoto

Four years into California's drought, conditions have hit the state's farmers especially hard, prompting a revaluation of farming practices and, at times, innovation.

In April, when California Gov. Jerry Brown called on residents to cut water use by 25 percent, they listened. In May, water use dropped almost 29 percent. The restrictions did not apply to farmers, however.

But the picture is much more complicated.

Host A Martinez sat down with three farmers to talk about how the drought is affecting them, and what they're doing to respond to the current conditions:

  • Nikiko Masumoto from Masumoto Farm based in Del Rey, just outside of Fresno.
  • Cannon Michael, a 6th generation farmer with Bowles Farming based in Los Banos, Central California.
  • Paul Wenger, an almond farmer and president of the California Farm Bureau.
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