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Could ‘Insight Policing’ save black lives?

by Austin Cross | Take Two®

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A young girl raises her fist along with others after Baltimore authorities released a report on the death of Freddie Gray on May 1, 2015 Win McNamee/Getty Images

The arrest of Sandra Bland has added fuel to a long-running national debate about the way police officers communicate with people of color.

What started as a routine traffic stop, quickly escalated to a heated exchange between Bland and officer Brian Encina. However, one expert says the exchange never needed to reach the level that it did. 

Enter Insight Policing: a new conflict resolution method out of George Mason University. It's designed bridge the gap between law enforcement and the people they’re sworn to protect.

Megan Price is the director of the Insight Conflict Resolution Program at George Mason University. She analyzed audio clips from the Sandra Bland arrest for Take Two.

Press the play button above to hear more about Insight Policing.

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