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The trans movement - is this the transgender community's moment?

by Leo Duran with Stephen Hoffman | Take Two®

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Trans activists Jen Richards, Bamby Salcedo and Aiden Aizumi (L-R) Zoe Logan/Bamby Salcedo/Aiden Aizumi

With the recent Vanity Fair cover shot of Caitlyn Jenner, and the attention that Orange is the New Black trans actress Laverne Cox are getting, many people feel that we are living in a transgender movement.

And many headlines proclaimed that these were both pivotal moments for the transgender movement. 

But is there really such a movement? Not necessarily, according to a recent article in the Advocate magazine.

We talk with the writer of the article - transgender activist Jen Richards. We'll also be joined by Bamby Salcedo, founder and president of the Trans-Latina coalition and Aiden Aizumi, who serves on the PFLAG National Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Advisory Board. 

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