Is California really 'winning' the drought?

UC Davis issued a report Monday looking at the financial impact of the drought on agriculture in California.

According to the study, the drought is costing California $2.7 billion this year. Farmers are, of course, some of the hardest hit. But surprisingly, the state's agriculture industry is actually growing.

Broaden out to the picture for the entire state, and things are still looking good. California's economy is growing, job creation is up, and people are still moving to the state.

In a recent essay for The New York Times titled "How California is winning the drought," journalist Charles Fishman argues that California has been remarkably resilient in the face of the drought. But, he warns, it won't last long.

To hear the full interview with Charles Fishman, author of "The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water," click the link above.