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CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla's plan to get more people to the polls

by A Martínez and Austin Cross with Lori Galarreta | Take Two®

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla (left) with Take Two host A Martinez.

Voter turnout rates across the state of California are some of the lowest in our history. 

In 2014, just 31 percent of eligible California voters actually cast a ballot. The numbers are even lower for young voters, and people of color.

As November approaches, state officials are hoping some new approaches might lure more of the state's 18 million registered voters to the polls. 

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is the author of a bill that -- if passed -- could streamline the voting process in the state by 2018. 

SB 450 would put ballots in the hands of voters well ahead of election day, and create more spots where ballots can be dropped. 

Padilla modeled the bill after Colorado's innovative voting system, but can that success transfer over to the Golden state?

"We're not guessing here. We know that we can save money over time, but more importantly we can increase turn out by making it more convenient to voters."

When asked about motivating Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters, a smaller often overlooked community, Padilla spoke of the importance of role models.

"Just having a role model or somebody to look up to goes a long way for a lot of communities too. In California our State treasurer John Chung, our State controller Betty Yi," said Padilla,  "For the Asian American community it's something that absolutely motivates and reminds people that their vote can make a difference. Just like I hope I'm part of the motivating factor for more Latino's registering and turning out."

Secretary Padilla joined Take Two to share more about his plan to increase voter engagement heading into 2016 and beyond. 

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