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Beyond Aliso Canyon: LA's other gas wells

by Take Two®

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Since Oct. 23, 2015, natural gas has been spewing from a ruptured well at SoCal Gas' Aliso Canyon Storage Facility near Porter Ranch. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Now that Southern California Gas Company has plugged the natural gas well that polluted air around Porter Ranch for months, the company turns to the problem that caused the leak in the first place: aging infrastructure.

There are dozens of wells around the greater Los Angeles area that are even older than the 63-year-old well that failed in Porter Ranch - wells that in many cases are long overdue for maintenance.

Southern California Public Radio's Sharon McNary has been looking at the status of all gas storage fields operated by the gas company in Southern California, she spoke to host A Martinez about what she found.

To hear the full interview, press the blue play button above.

Click here for Sharon's article on LA's other neighborhoods near gas wells.

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