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A park on top of a freeway? The plans for Glendale's Space 134

by Lori Galarreta and Alex Cohen | Take Two®

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The updated vision plan which would reestablish a connection between the residential neighborhoods north of the freeway and the downtown core through a cap park. Glendale CDD

Looking to create more friendly spaces for pedestrians, the city of Glendale is considering a plan to plop a park literally on top of a freeway.

The project, Space 134, envisions 24 acres of walking trails, event space and greenery.

The cap freeway park is merely a proposal as of now, giving the city an opportunity to gauge community support. As outlined in the vision plan, the park would be built over the downtown Glendale portion of the 134 freeway.

While building a park over a freeway seems gimmicky, it does have many benefits like access to Metro and state and transportation funding that would otherwise be unavailable for a regular open space park.

As of now, the park is in Phase 3 — project engineering — which focuses on engineering analysis, technical studies and the effort to continue to build support.

Phase 4 — funding and construction — would begin in 2020 and beyond.

For more on the project, Alan Loomis, Glendale's deputy director of Urban Design & Mobility, joined the show to discuss.


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