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The Styled Side: fashionable tennis, anyone?

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Tennis player Yaroslava Shvedova on the court donned in Fila's Net Set Collection Fila

People in LA will go about their day wearing yoga pants and basketball shorts, even when they're not doing yoga or not playing basketball.

Add tennis to the list of sportswear-turned-everyday wear, where people are falling in love-love with they style all over again.

"It's both on and off the court," says Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily, with tennis apparel and shoes being a $416.2 million business.

Tyree visited the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells, right outside of Palm Springs. It's largest two-week combined event outside of the four majors, with over 456,000 attendees during last year's tourney.

Fashion Trends Daily's Michelle Dalton Tyree reports from the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Ca.
Fashion Trends Daily's Michelle Dalton Tyree reports from the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Ca. Michelle Dalton Tyree

"The BNP Paribas tournament is a big place for brands to showcase their hottest and latest," she says.

On the court, Fila uses it as a big showcase with players, ball kids, officials and volunteers all wearing the brand.

"We're seeing a lot of emphasis on the back of the clothes, too, since the cameras are focused on players' backs while they are playing," says Tyree.

Big-name designers such as Stella McCartney have gotten into tennis gear, too, with her collections for Adidas.

Off the courts, men are loving the vintage tennis look – think Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums."

Fila launched a fall collection with Urban Outfitters, and a new one is set to drop in April that really harkens back to 1970s Swedish tennis star Bjorn Borg.

Tyree talked with Fila's Lauren Mallon who says the company has seen interest in the styles spike.

"The styles that were inspired by the great Bjorn Borg and what he wore on court – something that you can pair very well with a pair of jeans – those have been very, very popular especially with a younger customer," says Mallon.

Tyree notes there are several casual clothes that are taking their inspiration.

"V-neck white tennis sweaters are still hotter than ever," she says. "They made a big comeback last year when Rag & Bone launched one and it spawned dozens of copycats."

She also points to Tommy Hilfiger, who has been drawing a lot of influence from the courts these past couple of seasons with little tennis dresses.

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