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10 years of tweeting: Measuring the social impact of Twitter

by Take Two®

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Exactly ten years ago, the creation of Twitter meant Trump and anyone with Internet access could share their thoughts - limited to 140 characters - with the world. DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images

Ten years and two days ago, tweeting was an action best left to our feathered friends. That all changed ten years and one day ago, however.

That’s when Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet ever — a tweet heard ‘round the world if you will.

But Despite Dorsey’s high hopes, Twitter remains a bit of a dark horse in the digital arena: a 140-character redheaded stepchild of sorts.

And yet, in a media market saturated with social, Twitter continues to prove fertile ground for ideas, stories, gossip and even political revolution.  

For more on the societal impact of Twitter, Take Two spoke to Mike Ananny, assistant professor of communication and journalism at USC.

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