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The Binge: best comedies to cure the summer gloom

by Take Two®

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NBC's Seinfeld is now available for streaming. It's one of a few choice picks on the next installment of, The Binge.

The growth of streaming entertainment has been a godsend for just about everyone, but its also created a problem. Too much content! 

But we've got the solution - our monthly segment we call, The Binge. Our guide for the best movies and television shows you should be streaming.

Take Two contributor  Mark Jordan Legan joins us for his picks this month, this time he looks at the best comedies available now. 

This show struggled at first and would have been cancelled nowadays but the network showed great patience and by its third season it started to catch on and then becoming a pop culture phenomenon, etc.

It's a  long running sitcom for the British network Channel 4. In many ways, a British counterpart to the Seinfeld world.  It follows the characters Mark and Jeremy, who have an unhealthy reliance on one another, but in an inventive twist, each character’s inner thoughts can be heard – whether they be dark, stupid or embarrassingly overblown.

For those that don't remember, Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs premiered 23 years ago, it was an animated variety show, with short skits featuring a large cast of characters. And yes, it was a cartoon - but was very popular with adults as well.

The hilarious hand-drawn Disney animated feature. Brisk and truly funny, it has the spirit of a Chuck Jones cartoon.



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