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The Styled Side: one-piece swimsuits are number one

Flickr user J.C. Hurtado via Rodrigo Varela/Creative Commons

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The bikini swimsuit turns 70 this week, debuting in 1946 to both acclaim and scandal (how revealing!). It was called the bikini as a nod to the nuclear testing on Bikini Atoll that happened just days before the garment debuted.  

But the beach-side staple isn't make the splash that it used to.

Despite taking 70 percent of the marketshare for swimwear, one-piece swimsuits are steadily coming into fashion, now, says Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily

"It's the Baywatch-style one piece that's really in, right now," she says, referring to the classic 90s TV show, "and we are actually seeing in Pamela Anderson style in red, as well as a host of other colors."

In the past year alone, one-piece swimsuit sales shot up from $23 million in sales to $38 million. Trend-spotting site Polyvore also showed that the term "one-piece" appears six times in its top 10 of swimsuit searches.

One of the top versions of the one-piece is known as the frong – as in "front thong" – because it is very high-cut up the leg.

"A wide-range of body styles can fit it," says Tyree.

For women who still want to sport a bikini, high-waisted and retro-style kinds are one of the top trends.

"Think iconic 60s movies with Annette Funicello," says Tyree.

Cut-outs and leather are also popular, too.

For men, look again to inspiration from the 90s show "Baywatch."

"Bold red shorts that are mid-thigh are what's in," says Tyree. "Think palm trees, patterns and prints."