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5 pieces of sports history for sale at the LA Sports Arena auction

by Take Two®

The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

On Wednesday, fans around the country are getting a chance to bid on L.A. sports history thanks t to items from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena being on the auction block. Items for sale include seats, concession stands, scoreboards, hockey goals, lockers from player locker rooms, signage and more.

The Exposition Park venue, which debuted in 1959, has a storied history. In 1960, John F. Kennedy accepted the Democratic presidential nomination on its stage. The Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Kings have all called it home. Muhammad Ali boxed here. Scenes from "Rocky" were shot here. And tons of top musical acts — Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Bruce Springsteen — have headlined the joint.

The arena will soon be demolished to make way for a $250 million, multi-use complex featuring a soccer stadium, a museum and businesses.

Bidding ends on Thursday at 1 p.m. Here are five unusual items you can find if you head to the site.

One of the banners from the 1984 Olympics
One of the banners from the 1984 Olympics

1. 1984 Olympics banners - The arena hosted events from the Summer Games and it has the leftover banners to prove it. Banners for the USC basketball team, which played its home games here in the pre-Galen Center days, and Bruce Springsteen's last show are also up for grabs.

2. Turnstiles - Next time friends come over to watch the game, make them show you their ticket before they head to the vintage stadium seats you've installed in your living room.

Yep, even the seats will be sold
Yep, even the seats will be sold

3. Original seats - Because your den wouldn't be complete without them. 

4. Vintage ATM machines - Sorry, there's probably no cash inside.

An actual goal from the days that the LA Kings played there
An actual goal from the days that the LA Kings played there

5. Hockey Nets - The Kings briefly called the arena home in 1967 but at one time or another so did the Ice Dogs, the Blades, the Sharks and the Stars. And the venue still has the nets to prove it.

Auction supervisor Zenaido Zermeno gave a tour of the Sports Arena to A Martinez, who talked about the significance of the stadium with Harbor City resident Herman Few.

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