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Police shooting of Korryn Gaines and the idea of 'Sovereign Citizenship'

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Korryn Gaines, shot and killed by police in Baltimore this week

On Monday, police in Baltimore shot and killed a young woman, Korryn Gaines, after a long standoff.

Gaines, who was African American, got into the standoff after police arrived at her door to serve an arrest warrant. After the police kicked open the door to gain entry, she allegedly barricaded herself with a shotgun and her young son at the apartment.

She even filmed part of the incident and put it on social media. 

Although the investigation into the incident is ongoing, one factor about Gaines is emerging, one that could explain her previous negative interactions with police.

She appeared to believe in something called “Sovereign Citizenship,” something where followers believe they are not subject to certain laws, or not subject to taxes.

We talked about it and the impact her shooting has on the somewhat tense relationship between police and the communities the serve with USC Professor Jody Armour.

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