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LA restaurant makes list of America's top 10 best new restaurants

by Sara Fay and Libby Denkmann | Take Two®

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The kimchi fried rice at Baroo was named the 2016 Dish of Year by Bon Appetit. T.Tseng/Flickr user

The magazine Bon Appetit just released its list of the year's 10 best new restaurants in the country

One Los Angeles restaurant made the cut, and it's located in a Hollywood strip mall. How LA is that?

The restaurant is Baroo, and the cuisine is a very labor-intensive and flavorful blend of Korean food, rice bowls and pasta and other treats. With dishes priced at $15 and under, the menu items are affordable considering how elevated the cuisine is, said Julia Kramer, Bon Appetit senior editor.

One menu item received a special honor—Baroo's kimchi fried rice was named Bon Appetit's best dish of the year. The magazine requested the recipe from chef Kwang Uh, and a simplified version is on their website (the original was seven pages long, Kramer said).

Libby Denkmann spoke to Julia Kramer, Bon Appetit senior editor, who developed the list.

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