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High school hazing in the spotlight with Dos Palos case

by Take Two®

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The Dos Palos High football team skirmishes on the field. (Screenshot from Youtube video https://youtu.be/Haah6Vz7JRI) Screenshot of video by YouTube user 0v0i0d0e0o0s0

Four high school football players are under arrest this week in the Central California town of Dos Palos.

Dos Palos police chief Barry Mann says they are connected to a hazing incident of an underclassmen, and that the case is so severe that his department does not plan to release any details.

He warns that if information does leak out in the course of prosecution, then residents should "prepare themselves to be shocked." 

Emily Pualwan, executive director of HazingPrevention.org, says less is known about hazing in high school compared to incidents in college.

But research does indicate that happens more within sports teams and is more sexual in nature.

Take Two talks with Pualwan for more.

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