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20 myths about Native American culture and why they persist

by Take Two®

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Cover of "'All the real Indians died off' and 20 other myths about Native Americans" Courtesy Beacon Press

If you were asked to name states with large populations of Native Americans, which states would come to mind? You might think of the Dakotas, and maybe Arizona or Oklahoma.

But in fact, the state with the most Native Americans is California. More than 360,000 native people call the state home, and it has well over one hundred recognized tribes.

In spite of this, Native American culture is still often misunderstood. Now a new book aims to explore  and debunk these myths that surround native culture.

Roxanne Dunbar -Ortiz and Dina Jilio-Whitaker are the authors of  "All the Real Indians Died Off - and 20 other myths about Native Americans." They joined Take Two's A Martinez with more on some of the most persistent myths.

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