How fathers talk with their sons about sexism and 'boy talk'

Last week it was "locker room talk." This week it's "boy talk." 

That's how Melania Trump described an incredibly conversation recorded in 2005 between her husband, now the Republican presidential nominee, and then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

The incident has left many parents wondering: "How do I make sure my son never talks about a woman that way?"

There are no easy answers, but some fathers are thinking through some solutions.

Danilo Alfaro, a freelance writer and single dad based in Portland, Oregon, says the comments made him realize the importance of modeling good behavior for his 5-year-old son.

In a piece titled "Men: Misogyny Is About Your Sons, Not Your Wives and Daughters," Alfaro writes, "it does no good to communicate to our sons explicitly that treating girls and women this way is unacceptable, if our actions belie our words." 

David Vienna, an LA-based father of twin boys and author of the blog The Daddy Complex, says that in his family, it's less about sitting his sons down for "the talk" and more about an ongoing conversation that will happen over years.

When his son came home and told him he'd kissed a girl, Vienna says, that opened up an opportunity to talk about how that all unfolded and about "how men deal with women, and how he, as a young man, as a boy, can deal with girls."

It's also a conversation, Vienna says, that you want to start early. If you avoid a tough topic, your kids will still hear about it from somewhere: "You need to get ahead of it and just make sure that they know that they can talk to you."

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