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Ear Hustle - the podcast produced inside San Quentin State Prison

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A guard stands at the entrance to the California State Prison at San Quentin in San Quentin, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Earlier this year Radiotopia, a podcast network run by Public Radio Exchange (PRX), launched an open call for new podcast ideas. 

More than 1,500 people from more than 50 countries submitted ideas ... like "The Difference Between," which dives into the world of “information doppelgängers” or "Do Over," a podcast about how your life could have turned out if you’d just done that one thing differently.

But the winner perhaps had the most unusual circumstances. "Ear Hustle," is a podcast produced by a team of three people, Earlonne Woods (left) , Antwan Williams (right)  and Nigel Poor (center). Woods and Poor are the co-creators and co-hosts and Williams is the co-creator, co-host and sound designer. 


What makes it so unusual is that Woods and Williams are both inmates at San Quentin State Prison in Northern California ... and the podcast is about life behind bars. Here's a promo clip provided by the producers: 


We talked about the podcast with Nigel Poor, and how she got involved. 

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