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SoCal Muslim leader on proposed immigrant database: 'We have to use all channels that are available to us'

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People march in the American Muslim Day Parade last September in New York. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As President-Elect Trump prepares to take office, the country debates what policies he may enact once in the White House. One of the most controversial discussions is the proposal to create a database of Muslim immigrants living in the United States. 

Take Two's Alex Cohen spoke with Edina Lekovic of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. They discussed how Muslims living in Southern California are reacting to this idea and the surrounding discussion in her community.

Edina Lekovic on how Muslims in America can express their position in the current political climate:

We have to use all channels that are available to us. Right now, the average Muslim in Southern California— we are living in a sanctuary. Our city affords us inclusion in a way that we don't see in some cities around the country. So, it's that much more crucial that we raise our voices to our elected officials, to media, on social media, and frankly, with our neighbors.

We know that 62 percent of Americans say that they do not know a Muslim first-hand. And that the single greatest predictor of somebody's perception of Islam and Muslims is whether they know a Muslim. So, there's a simple recipe there where we can help move the needle on people's perceptions:  Where we can, get out and get to more people and work in solidarity with other effected communities and beyond. The last thing we should do is stay in our homes, is stick to ourselves, and to feel fear. 

In our faith, we are taught that despair is the opposite of faith. And so we must move forward with hope, with endurance, and with a steady belief that we are better than this.... 

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