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Feed that Christmas craving with Goldbot

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Jonathan Gold in the L.A. Weekly offices in 2007 celebrating his Pulitzer Prize. He remains the only food critic to have won the honor. Kevork Djansezian/AP

Food lovers across the country turn to him for advice and he's considered a treasure by many here in Southern California.

L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold has won lots of accolades. Not the least of which, he's the first food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize.

You'd think that would be enough. But no.  Now, he's got a bot.  

You can ask the Goldbot for suggestions, and get answers, with a Gold twist.

L.A. Times digital editor Melissa Leu helped put the chatbot together she spoke to A Martinez and Libby Denkmann with the man who's mind somehow powers the Goldbot: Jonathan Gold.

To hear the full segment, click the blue play button above.

And if you want to chat with the GoldBot yourself, you can message him here.

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