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Standout 2017 Super Bowl ads make a statement

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A 30-second spot during Sunday's game costs a cool $5 million, meaning only the biggest companies can afford to advertise.

But one of them has already been making the rounds, a Budweiser ad called "Born the Hard Way." It tells the story of one of Bud's founders, Adolphus Busch, and his 1857 journey from Germany to the U.S. The trip is depicted as one that's long and dangerous. 

But it also seems to touch on some political themes ... in this clip of it, the actor who plays Busch has just reached the shores of the U.S. and he's met by an angry mob of people:


If you didn't catch that, a person in the mob says, "You're not wanted here. Go home!"

To many, it seems that the commercial is making a statement about the immigration debate. For more on the ad and its possible effect on the company, A Martinez spoke to Kristina Monllos, she's a staff writer for Adweek, and she wrote an article about the commercial.

Kristina: "It feels very current which just kind of happened coincidentally. The brand was certainly aware that talking about immigration in this political climate could be something that they would have to address and something that they're prepared to address but it's not necessarily something they were gunning for."

A lot of the ads in the Super Bowl will be car ads and that's the subject of The Ride, our weekly look at personal mobility. For more on that aspect, A Martinez was joined by KPCC motor critic Sue Carpenter. She's been previewing this weekend's Super Bowl auto ads. 


"Sue: My favorite is definitely Mercedes' ad for its AMG GT Roadster sports convertible, starring Peter Fonda, which plays off Easy Rider. There are a bunch of tough-looking bikers in a bar, and they discover a car has parked in front of their bikes."



"Sue: There are tons of stars this year, so if you're watching the weekend's game for the football, NFL quarterback Cam Newton, he's starring in a Buick ad...and that ad for the Cascada convertible also features lingerie model Miranda Kerr because it's impossible to watch Super Bowl advertising without seeing at least on super model, right?...Comedian Melissa McCarthy who stars in Kia's ads for its new Niro crossover. She's called on to help save the planet, which of course ends in a disaster..."




"Sue: As a woman and a mother, that one really speaks to me. And it's a smart play for Audi, because 80 percent of car purchases are influenced by a woman."

To hear the full segment, click the blue play button above. 

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