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The Styled Side: politics is in fashion

Exterior of a Nordstrom department store
Exterior of a Nordstrom department store
Flickr user Mike Mozart (Creative Commons)

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What's in style right now isn't culottes, JNCOs or sweatpants.

It's politics.

"It's Mr. Toad's wild ride for retailers, right now, as they are going to be increasingly asked – or perhaps forced – to takes sides in this current political climate," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily.

It happened to Nordstrom when the retailer announced it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump's line at its stores.

Even though the company said it wasn't a political move, it was still placed in the political crosshairs by people like her father.

But several Southern California retailers are finding fans in people looking to shop at places not affiliated with President Trump or his policies. 

The site Grab Your Wallet created a spreadsheet that includes several local brands and retailers it considers "Trump-Free," like TOMS, Hot Topic and BCBG MaxAzria.

It might seem tricky for any fashion retailer to dip its toe in politics, but the new normal is that they can't avoid it.

"Retail is so challenging right now that you can't afford to anger anyone," says fashion analyst Marshal Cohen. "We had better hold onto our hats because this is not going to be over any time soon – as in the next four years."

It's not so one-sided, either.

When Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's line, it got a boost from customers and celebrities who applauded the move.

But then Ivanka's own perfume line saw online sales increase, too, from people who went to sites like Amazon to support her.

For shoppers, you will still get what you need when you need it.

However, the Internet and competition between retailers will make it easier for you to take sides and choose to only shop at places that you agree with politically.