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People LOVE Joshua Tree but park officials are struggling to deal with its 2 million-plus visitors

by Emily Guerin and A Martínez | Take Two®

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File: View of a Joshua tree in the 1,234-square-mile Joshua Tree National Park, April 7, 2008. Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Joshua Tree National Park has always been a popular spot for campers, hikers, rock climbers and folks who just want to get away to the desert, but park officials say its popularity has become too much of a good thing.

In 2016, 2.5 million people visited the park — twice as many as two years before.

And sure, it's good to know folks are enjoying the great outdoors a little more, but the staff there says they just don't have enough resources to handle the crush. 

KPCC environment reporter Emily Guerin spoke to A Martinez about some of the solutions park officials have been experimenting with to juggle the increased traffic and make sure Joshua Tree's delicate ecosystem is protected. 

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