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On the Lot: Disney's Beauty and the Beast dominates box office

by Take Two®

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Disney's live action version of the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, dominated the weekend box office The Walt Disney Co.

Helped by a lack of competition, Disney's live action version of the classic, Beauty and the Beast crushed everything else Hollywood was offering up for the weekend.

This, in spite of some controversy. As our On the Lot guide, Vanity Fair's Rebecca Keegan explains, the film's director stirred up some controversy when he pointed to a brief scene in the film and called it "an exclusively gay moment." Keegan notes, if he'd not made the comment, no one would have probably noticed.

But there was reaction. Censors in Malaysia demanded that four minutes be cut from the film. Disney refused and the film was pulled from distribution in that country. Meanwhile, Russian film officials gave the child-focused film a rating barring anyone under 16 from attending. And a drive-in theater in Alabama also pulled the film, citing moral reasons.

None of that dented the box office figures, and the movie's success cements Disney's position as the number one studio in Hollywood.

Keegan also brings some news from the small screen. Next month, Saturday Night Live will live across the country, meaning it will be broadcast here at 8:30 PM. It's partly a ploy to attract a bigger audience for the long-running show. SNL's ratings are way up, at levels not seen in two decades, and the "live" strategy also solves the problem of learning about all the best bits on Twitter hours before the show is aired in California.

Listen to the entire interview with Vanity Fair's Rebecca Keegan - just click on the blue bar at the top of the screen.

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