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HighQ: Patients who need transplants turned away for smoking pot

by Jacob Margolis | Take Two®

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An employee holds one of several strains of medical marijuana sold at a dispensary in downtown Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, Feb. 29, 2016. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

This week on HighQ I've got a mix of stories that I've been following related to the marijuana industry. If you want to hear my conversation about them with A Martinez, click on the audio at the top of the post — otherwise, follow some of the links below.

  • BuzzFeed's Alyson Martin reports on people in multiple states being turned away for transplants after testing positive for THC. She writes that it's usually at the discretion of the hospital performing the transplant. In 2015, California moved to protect medical marijuana patients, who can't be denied transplants solely because they test positive for THC. But the law doesn't protect those who test positive after consuming recreational marijuana, which is now legal.
  • Four men in Colorado were sentenced to federal prison for transporting drugs. They had planned to grow and ship weed to Florida, for sale. Even though recreational pot is legal in Colorado and medical pot is legal in Florida, shipping it across state lines is a felony, and a violation of laws in both states. One of the big questions in California is how the illicit market in the state will be policed. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Right now in Sacramento, the state Legislature is trying to reconcile two different sets of laws currently governing marijuana in the state. This week, Gov. Jerry Brown's office jumped in on the debate with a 79-page list of suggestions for combining those regulations. A lot's being debated, including how to regulate local licenses, how many to hand out and whether to have an independent distribution model, like the alcohol industry (an issue I've talked about before).

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