LA County supervisors vote today on measure H spending

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors votes today on a plan for spending the money gathered from measure H.

Voters approved the ballot initiative last March, and it hikes the county sales tax by 0.25 percent starting July 1 to fund services for the homeless.

But how that money will be divided up has been a months-long process that involved dozens of stakeholders, from former homeless people to non-profit service providers.

"They got together in a variety of meetings and they came to consensus on most elements of this spending," says KPCC's Rina Palta.

The county board will vote today on whether to approve those recommendations.

"The biggest ticket items are things like homeless prevention," says Palta, "and then there is rapid rehousing, which is basically temporary rental assistance for people."

Other main areas of spending include emergency homeless shelters and case managers to help people navigate the system.

"That said, a lot of these spending figures are pretty broad at the moment," says Palta. "It's hard to tell what they're actually itemized for."

If approved, the money will be doled out mostly to non-profit service providers.

But which of those groups will get the money is tricky.

"There's actually kind of a lack of enough organizations that are doing this kind of work," says Palta. "They're trying to go on this hiring binge right now, but there's not enough people to perform these services."

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