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Metro begins charging riders to park at three stations

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The new Azusa Downtown station, one of two new stations in Azusa on the Gold Line extension. Meghan McCarty/KPCC

Starting today, some Metro riders who've been enjoying free parking will have to start coughing up some cash. 

Commuters who drive to the Monrovia, Irwindale, or Azusa Pacific/Citrus College stations before taking the train will now need to pay a daily three dollar fee. Metro officials hope that the fee will help reduce demand at these popular locations, where parking lots frequently reach capacity as early as 6 a.m.

Although the fee is relatively small, some worry that it could deter people from taking public transportation. 

"[Decreasing ridership] is a concern among some people, and some riders. This is not much of a concern for Metro, because they have implemented this paid parking at a number of other stations on other lines," said Meghan McCarty Carino, Commuting and Mobility Reporter for KPCC.

According to McCarty Carino, Metro has not seen decreased ridership at its other stations with parking fees. 

"[Metro] has found that at the stations that they’ve implemented this fee, the convenience of knowing that there may be a parking spot open overrides the financial burden of a three dollar parking fee for a lot of riders," she said. 

Meghan McCarty Carino, Commuting and Mobility Reporter for KPCC, talked to Take Two about the pros and cons of paying for parking at Metro stations. 

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