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For some, the Delta water tunnels are a waste of money; for others, they could be a lifesaver

by Take Two staff | Take Two®

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The California Aqueduct at Mendota, California on March 11, 2009. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

The controversial Delta water tunnels are the key part of something called the California Water Fix-- giant tunnels that will carry water from the Sacramento River down to Southern California.

The idea is to improve both the quantity and quality of the water flowing to farms and homes throughout the state, but there's a catch: the tunnels will likely add to the cost of our monthly water bills.

That was the main issue discussed by the LA City Council's Energy Committee yesterday. KPCC's Sharon McNary was there, and she's been following the Delta tunnel story. McNary sat down with Take Two host A Martinez to discuss the meeting, and how the things appear to be shaping up for the committee's vote on September 19.

To listen to the interview, use the blue media player above. 


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