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The LA Fire team in Houston has rescued 50 people, and expects to help more in the coming days

by Stephen Hoffman and Take Two staff | Take Two®

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A family walks through water toescape from their homes on highway 90 after Hurricane Harvey caused heavy flooding in Houston, Texas on August 28, 2017. Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

In Houston, rescue efforts continue and may go on for some time. First responders include a task force from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Take Two caught up with the task force enroute to an operation in southeast Houston.

"We are departing from Katy, Texas," said Captain Brian Wall, who is part of the 80-person crew. "This is a fluid and ongoing mission. We're getting info by the minute, and that continues to change." 

The LAFD task force, which includes a team of swift water rescue specialists, have done most of their rescuing by boat. 

"We have a total of seven boats that we use, and different configurations within each boat." said Wall. 

"We have had to rescue people, you know, out of their second story houses, on rooftops, other areas where they are not able to move from a high point because of the water, to get over to safe ground."

Over the last week, the LAFD team has worked with other task forces to rescue 50 people and upwards of 12 animals. While the waters may be receding, Wall expects that there will be more people to help. And for those still stranded, the situation may be getting worse.

"I think, as days go on, obviously there's, you know, worsening conditions of the people that we're there to rescue," said Wall. "Due to food and water limitations that they may may or may not have. 

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