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Youth sports has become a $15 billion industry-- and looks a little like the professional sports industry

by Take Two staff | Take Two®

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King-Riley Owens, 9, takes a shot from the free throw line at the American Sports Center in Anaheim. Owens is ranked as a five-star basketball recruit by the National Youth Basketball Report. Courtesy of Robbie Pittman Owens

How early is too early to start treating young athletes like professionals? When they're in college or high school? How about middle, or elementary school-- or even younger? 

The youth sports industry, valued at $15 billion, is forcing parents to think about that question more and more.

Sean Gregory is a senior writer with Time magazine; he's written about the sudden growth of the kids' sports industry, and how it's affecting families. These include families like Brandon Owens'. Owens lives in LA, and his nine-year old son, King-Riley Owens, is rated as a five-star recruit by the National Youth Basketball Report. 

Take Two host A Martínez spoke with Gregory and Owens about the changes in the youth sports industry. To listen to the full interview, use the blue media player above. 


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